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Future Exhibition

Reinhard Schlüter & Heinz Thurn

Stadttheater Fürth

20.03. - 03.05.2022

Vernissage: Sonntag, den 20.03.2022 um 11.00 Uhr

Reinhard Schlüter's passion for writing, drawing and painting began in early childhood and continued all through his life. While working as a construction engineer he published more than 1500 cartoons in newspapers and magazines. In the 1990s he gave up his career as an engineer and started professional writing (primarily books and radio broadcasts, e.g. for the "Bayerischer Rundfunk", the Bavarian Broadcast ) and 15 years later professional painting - the latter by specializing in Old masters' style. The central themes inhis artistic work are portraits and "animal metamorphoses”. Reinhard Schlüter lives and works in Fürth (Bavaria).


After training as a book printer, Heinz Thurn initially studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg from 1970 to 1976, but then turned to painting, with which he combines a more exciting process of dealing with the work. Among the 85 percent of artists (not just visual artists) who feed on a different profession are the internships of high school students in various printing techniques Thurn's “bread and butter”. Heinz Thurn lives and works in Nuremberg.

P R I V A T E   M U S E U M


John and Renate Hammond are celebrating more than forty years as curators and practising artists with the opening of their private museum in Dover which houses their collection of art.

The Hammond Collection evolved through purchasing works of art and gifts from artists exhibited by curators John and Renate Hammond over the last four decades, running their Galerie am Theater (1979 – 1992) and Art-Agency Hammond (since 1993).


The collection contains 650 works of art, of which over 400 are by Renate Hammond who is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.