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P A S T    E X H I B I T I O N


Stadttheater Fürth, built by the architects Fellner and Helmer 1901/1902. © John Hammond

Roland Fürstenhöfer & Isabell Heusinger




Stadttheater Fürth


Königstr. 116, 90762 Fürth, Germany


22.01. - 14.03.2023

Press Release

Roland Fürstenhöfer & Isabell Heusinger


Room for Humour is proud to announce a joint exhibition with

Roland Fürstenhöfer and Isabell Heusinger.


Vernissage: Sunday 22th January, 11 o'clock

Welcome introduction: Barbara Leicht M.A., Art historian

Stadttheater Fürth, Königstraße 116, 90762 Fürth,
Tel.: 0911 - 974 24 10 


Exhibition runs from 22th January – 14th March 2023.


The exhibitions can be viewed by theatre visitors before the performances and during the breaks. Guests, which attend the exhibition but not the theatrical performance are welcome during the time 60-30 minutes before the beginning or at a different time by arrangement with Art-Agency Hammond
Tel.: 0911 - 77 07 27


Roland Fürstenhöfer
• Born 1949 in Fürth/Bavaria
• 1968 – 1972 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts
• 1976 study visit to Toulouse
• 1979 art promotion prize of the city of Fürth
• Since 1988 participation in many "Miniature Art" exhibitions,
Graphics awards in the US and Australia, book illustrations.
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. travel in Europe,
Asia, Arabia, North Africa and North America.
Lives in Pöttmes/Swabia


Isabel Heusinger
• Born 1982 in Coburg/Bavaria

• 2001 high school diploma

• 2002 – 2008 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts
Arts Nuremberg (Prof. Fleck)
• since 2008 visual artist in the field of painting
• 2016 – 2017 eleven-month trip around the world, First Artist in Residence
in Alappuzha (India)
• since 2018 2nd board member of the Kunstkreis Jura Neumarkt e.V.
• 2022 Kammerstein Art Prize (public prize)
• Member of the Kunstkreis Jura and the BBK Nürnberg Mittelfranken
• Works in public ownership: Deutsche Bank Nuremberg

We look forward to welcoming you.


P R I V A T E   M U S E U M


John and Renate Hammond are celebrating more than forty years as curators and practising artists with the opening of their private museum in Dover which houses their collection of art.

The Hammond Collection evolved through purchasing works of art and gifts from artists exhibited by curators John and Renate Hammond over the last four decades, running their Galerie am Theater (1979 – 1992) and Art-Agency Hammond (since 1993).


The collection contains 650 works of art, of which over 400 are by Renate Hammond who is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.