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Renate Hammond is the founder of room for humour, a visual arts project specialising in the representation of humour in contemporary art.

P R I V A T E   M U S E U M


John and Renate Hammond are celebrating forty years as curators and practising artists with the opening of their private museum in Dover which houses their collection of art.

P R I V A T E   C O L L E C T I O N


The Hammond Collection evolved through purchasing works of art and gifts from artists exhibited by curators John and Renate Hammond over the last four decades, running their Galerie am Theater (1979 – 1992) and Art-Agency Hammond (since 1993).


The collection contains 650 works of art, of which over 400 are by Renate Hammond  who is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

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Sparkasse Fürth, Kundenhalle, Maxstr. 32, 90762 Fürth, Germany




Roland Fürstenhöfer

 „Die Ferne so nah - Faszination der Fremde“

"The absence of distance - fascination of the exotic land"

Sparkasse Fürth

Fürth, Bavaria

05.12.2019 - 17.01.2020



Vernissage: 04.12.2019

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Artist Profile


Roland Fürstenhöfer
was born in 1949 in Fürth (Bavaria).
From 1968 until 1972 Roland Fürstenhöfer studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Nuremberg, textile design under Professor Eusemann.
In 1979 Roland Fürstenhöfer was awarded with the Art Prize of the City of Fürth.
Since then Roland Fürstenhöfer took part in numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Germany and elswhere and was awarded many prizes.

Painting means for Roland Fürstenhöfer to represent the forms of the universe according to their own laws of harmony. When he paints, his whole feeling is concentrated in the tip of the brush. He is enthusiastic about the colourfulness and variety of forms in the Oriental countries as well as about the culture of the Chinese and the North American Indians. This inspiration can be easily recognised in his colour etchings and mixed techniques on paper, canvas and wood. Roland Fürstenhöfer prefers the small format, he invites the viewer to come very close and to experience in his pictures what is happening in them. And when you get involved in these worlds, you will reappear out of everyone with the wondrous feeling of being far away and still being yourself. In his pictures, Roland Fürstenhöfer likes to tell stories about foreign cultures. Travel to European countries, North Africa, Arabia, Asia and North America has inspired him to poetic imagery.

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Fürther Nachrichten, 09.01.2020, CLAUDIA SCHULLER


The fascination of the exotic


The art prize of Fürth winning painter Roland Fürstenhöfer exhibits in the Sparkasse


FÜRTH - Roland Fürstenhöfer turned 70 last year. Until the 13th of January, the Art Agency Hammond is dedicating an exhibition to the artist born in Fürth with artworks that awaken the desire to travel.

Roland Fürstenhöfer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg and his exhibitens took him to Australia, the USA - and now to his birthplace of Fürth.

© Photo: Thomas Scherer


His world is wide and full of colours. This is not surprising, because the painter Roland Fürstenhöfer is a cosmopolitan who likes to be inspired by traveling to distant countries.

Born in Fürth in 1949 and with the art prize of Fürth awarded at a young age in 1979, who has lived in Pöttmes in Swabia since 2005, is particularly fond of the Orient. His pictures stage the way of life, concisely summarize impressions and create a specific, subtle atmosphere. Buy Fürstenhöfer, a building easily represents an entire culture.


The colour palette is warm and ranges from bright yellow to strong red and orange to deep azure blue. He also likes to use natural earth tones. The image structure is often symmetrical, which creates a closed form. This gives the works, which take up the numerous details in their diversity, inner support. Fürstenhöfer works filigree and turns every detail with passion. A "desert water star" houses an oasis with camels, a mosque, streets, picturesque houses and mountains. A "desert water garden" turns out to be a fairytale oriental palace with fountains, arabesques and exotic plants.


Birds flutter in front of palm trees and minarets. Although people are rarely seen, the journey also goes to them, their life and their habits.


Roland Fürstenhöfer stylishly walks in the border area between objectivity and abstraction. His etchings, all unique, convince with a precise line. The technique: A copper plate is coated with asphalt; the artist scratches the picture into it with a stylus and etches it in with an acid bath. Then the colour is applied by hand, the image is printed on paper using a printing press. Finally, it is coloured.


Roland Fürstenhöfer also paints on paper with a keen sense for a thousand small things and combines them into a panorama. However, it is Fürstenhöfer's painted wooden panels that stand out. As with the etchings, the contours are decisive here. The result is high-quality objects that transcend the boundaries of image and plastic.