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Renate Hammond is the founder of room for humour (, a visual arts project specialising in the representation of humour in contemporary art.


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Past Exhibition

Sparkasse Fürth, Kundenhalle, Maxstr. 32, 90762 Fürth, Germany



„Mensch und Tier“

Barbara Heun

Sparkasse Fürth

12.04. – 25.05.2018

Vernissage: 11.04.2018


Barbara Heun


Past Exhibitions

Stadttheater Fürth, built by the architects Fellner and Helmer 1901/1902. © John Hammond



„Something Different


„mal anders


Wolfgang Harms & Reinhard Schmid


Stadttheater Fürth, Fürth (Bavaria)


21.01. - 13.03.2018

Vernissage: 21.01.2018


Wolfgang Harms & Reinhard Schmid


©Fürther Nachrichten, 23.01.2018, SIGRUN ARENZ


Is something going on between Moon and Isis?

Make way for ironics: Wolfgang Harms and Reinhard Schmid in the Stadttheater

Experts in light heartedness: Wolfgang Harms (left) and Reinhard Schmid like it "different". © Photo: André Geare


Franken and Oberpfalz joint exhibition in the Stadttheater: there is plenty of mythology and irony in the art of Wolfgang Harms and Reinhard Schmid.


Ms. Luna hangs out with the Egyptian goddess Isis. This is easy to recognise because it has the typical attributes. The crescent moon, on the other hand, which is stretched in a blue night, remains mysterious, a face that could also be the man in the moon. And how is the relationship between Isis and the Moon, considering that he looks away from her, out into the blue?


"Something different" is the title of the exhibition by Wolfgang Harms and Reinhard Schmid, with which John Hammond's Art-Agency starts the new year at the Stadttheater. The title refers to the way the two work as well as their subjects. The Oberpfalz based Schmid, for example, has perfected the art of pencil drawing in conjunction with water colour behind glass, but also works with giclée, believing that artistic work on the computer is perfectly legitimate, even if he would never give up painting himself.


But different - at least in this century - is also the range of topics that the two artists use. Schmid loves the surreal, the fantastic, the surprising and the playful. Often the pictures are erotic, naked or half-naked female figures. Often the pictures are erotic, naked or half-naked female figures with high heels present themselves hovering. Does Schmid show women as a mere object of desire? Not necessarily: The "Erstbesteigung" plays with motifs from the fairy tale "Rapunzel", except that it is here a woman who rises to a tower that not only Sigmund Freud would interpret as a phallic symbol.


Full of symbolism, archetypes and figures of mythology is also Wolfgang Harms' work. The moon bird pops up again and again, as does a flute-playing Pan, who, in a blossom, pursues his musical day's work. Long-tailed birds in heraldic colour fly through a fauna of baroque fantasy, long clouds wind like living creatures around the surrounding rocks. Again and again Harms plays with the motif of the frame in the frame, as if to create another dimension.


What unites both artists is the lightness of their images. Each of them offers possibilities for interpretation, comparison with the models of mythology, with past and present styles of painting, for reflection on technical virtuosity. You can just as easily stand in front of it and immerse yourself in the bright colours of your very own inferno.


The frame refers to Danton's purgatory with an encircling humorous text, but the flames are at the same time the flowers of a cactus, in whose leaves dewdrops are strung like pearls. This is ambiguous, clever and excellent; but above all, it is a nice gimmick that you can appreciate as such.


Past Exhibitions

© Photo: John Hammond



Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street, Kensington,


London W8 7NX

03.02. - 04.02.2018

Vernissage: 02.02.2018


Renate Hammond

Past Exhibitions

Stadttheater Fürth, built by the architects Fellner and Helmer 1901/1902. © Anestis Aslanidis


Masterpieces by four graphic artists


Diego Bianconi, Stephan Klenner-Otto,

Andreas Rudloff, Peter Thiele


Stadttheater Fürth

Königstraße 116, 90762 Fürth, Germany


19. 11. 2017 – 16. 01.2018

Vernissage: 19.11.2017


Diego Bianconi, Stephan Klenner-Otto, Andreas Rudloff, Peter Thiele


© Fürther Nachrichten, 14.12.2017, SABINE REMPE


Song of praise to the perfectly drawn line

"Engraved and pointed": Four graphically accomplished artists exhibit in the Stadttheater Fürth


FÜRTH - To put it in a nutshell: Four graphic artists are showing selected works at the Stadttheater until 16 January. "Engraved and pointed" is the title of the show, which allows a view of a world in a square.

Gallerist John Hammond next to a work by the Nuremberg based painter and graphic artist Peter Thiele. © Photo: Thomas Scherer


What's the best way to view a group exhibition by for graphic artists? Piece by piece? To look at a portrait here, then something animalistic there? The method seems confusing, so rather one after the other in the foyer at the Stadttheater.


Stephan Klenner-Otto, who has made a name for himself with literary topics, shows works that take on a series of fantastically beautiful nature themes in a wonderfully bizarre manner. There is, for example, his etching with lavish details titled "pollard willows". The observer gets exactly what the title promises: faces on tree trunks of the common forest and meadow pasture willows.


In the foreground, a splendid specimen has taken root whose emotions seem to be more of a stoic nature. At best, the facial expressions indicate a certain resignation. The colleagues, who wait to the right and left of it with bare branches for the next spring, have lost their composure on the other hand: They stick out their tongues one after the other.


A true splendor is "Lotte", the colour etching by Andreas Rudloff literally explodes in all conceivable nuances of red and shows - a proud chicken. Fine feathered, delicately worked and set with much feeling in scene. Any animal is in good hands with Rudloff, is sensitively examined for his most private traits and portrayed almost tenderly. "Actually very nice" is then also explained as a title in a picture of a cattle with huge horns, which at first glance makes rather think of a berserker than a cuddly toy.


Meeting point kitchen

The Swiss Diego Bianconi likes to offer intimate glimpses into foreign life. For example, in the kitchen, which has become a meeting place for two women. Sink, refrigerator, blender. Everything is available, what may be expected. The mere fact that the two main actresses are naked, seems a bit disturbing. After all, one of them wears a delicate apron, the other has a mirror clamped under her arm.


What do they do? This is left to the creativity of the viewer. Of course, this also applies to the scene "In the Bathroom", which at least makes it clear that this place is not just for brushing your teeth. Last but not least exciting are the perspectives the artist has chosen. Sometimes his eyes seem to see through walls, sometimes he floats high up under the ceiling. The effect is always disturbing in a subliminal way.


The song of praise to the perfectly drawn line reveals Peter Thiele a few steps further. He seeks perfection in reduction. A procedure after the motto less is more.


Thiele has no fear of the empty space. He composes each of his subjects with a noticeable longing for balance and harmonious conditions. But this always happens on the pictures white background. His objects seem to float on this bare nothing without anchorage. They have fallen out of space and time - subtle points of view that exist even without a solid ground.

Opening hours:

The exhibitions can be viewed by theater visiters before the performances and during the breaks. Guests, which attend the exhibition but not the theatrical performance are welcome during the time 60-30 minutes before the beginning or at a different time

by arrangement with Art-Agency Hammond.

Tel: 0911 – 77 07 27



Past Exhibitions

Stadttheater Fürth, built by the architects Fellner and Helmer 1901/1902. © Anestis Aslanidis


Horst Sakulowski & Kay Voigtmann


"What do you believe?"


Stadttheater Fürth

Königstraße 116, 90762 Fürth, Germany


20.11.2016 - 17.01.2017



Vernissage: 20.11.2016


©Fürther Nachrichten, 02.12.2016, SABINE REMPE


Logic turns pirouettes

Horst Sakulowski and Kay Voigtmann exhibiting in the Stadttheater

The dark side of the creature illuminates Horst Sakulowski (left) and Kay Voigtmann with their refined works in the foyer of the Stadttheater Fürth. © Photo: Hans-Joachim Winckler


FÜRTH - "What do you believe?" This is a question that even Gretchen from Heinrich Faust could not answer. In the Stadttheater the request to the verbal oath of disclosure is now used as the title for a show with works by Horst Sakulowski and Kay Voigtmann. The exhibition organised by Art-Agency Hammond is reluctant to provide an answer. Instead, there are many new questions. Which in this case is decidedly better.


No one can accuse Horst Sakulowski of being trendy or even fashionable. The 73-year-old has brought with him graphite drawings to Fürth, and in doing so he reveals a mastery that is great and a trace confusing. His works, which are now exhibited in the foyer and in the upper circle of the Stadttheater, seem to come at the very first glance from another period. An impression that is quickly relativised. The analytical sharpness with which Sakulowski captures his objects is rooted entirely in the here and now.


The man, who comes from the Thuringian Saalfeld and lives in Weida, has a broad range: people and life. So the whole lot. His portraits are realistic and  unmasking  that the viewer feels a slight discomfort, because he inevitably has to handel his Modell like a surgeon.


Sakulowski studied in Leipzig at the Academy of Graphics and Book Art. In 1973, he attracted attention with his "portrait after duty", showing a woman who has obviously fallen asleep completely exhausted. No heroine of work and much less an example in the image world of the real existing GDR socialism. Sakulowski has always taken the freedom to show what he sees.


Finest craftsmanship


In direct neighborhood in the foyer are works by Kay Voigtmann  joined to the current show. The 48-year-old was born in Zeulenroda and lives in Gera, he studied like Sakulowski at the university of Leipzig. Bevor that, Voigtmann had to complete an unloved fine mechanics apprenticeship. Stayed, it seems, is his unmistakable sense for finest craftsmanship. His small-format works, currently being shown in Fürth, condense details in lavish diversity in a small format. Who takes part wants to have a magnifying glass on hand soon, in fear to overlook something.

Voigtmann is on the trail of a whole new species. The beings who act in his drawings seem as futile as the accidental appearances of a inkblot test. But their deformity deludes, and quite natural they work as a biped with hands and feet.

Really disturbing is the fact that they are easily recognisable because they reveal that they are human beings in all their craziness. Obviously, this is based on a certain degree of wittiness. But that seems not funny to me.

Horst Sakulowski

was born in 1943 in Saalfeld.

1962 -1967 studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig under Prof. Bernhard Heisig

Since 1967 solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, the SU and the USA

Horst Sakulowski lives and works in Weida, Thuringia.


Kay Voigtmann

was born in 1968 in Zeulenroda

1997 - 2002 studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig under Prof. Karl-Georg Hirsch and Prof. Albrecht von Bodecker..

Diploma in technical illustration with Prof. V. Pfüller

Since 1993 solo and group exhibitions in Europe

Kay Voigtman lives and works in Gera.




© Photo: Thomas Scherer


Exhibitions 1979 - 2017


See 38 years of exhibitions


Photo: Beres

38 years of art


38 years ago, on the 6th of October 1979, Renate and John Hammond opened their 'Galerie am Theater'

in Fürth, Bavaria (Germany). Since then, the couple has made a name for itself as international art curators, which reaches far beyond the regional art scene.