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Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter


Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter was born in 1961 in Aladja, Nigeria.


From 1985 to 1987 Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter studied art at the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria.


Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter’s art is partly based on the idea of recycling, using left-over materials to create new art objects influenced by elements of African art.


Some of Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter’s childhood memories of existing African cultural lifestyle have been the expressive and dramatic mimics of figurative wood carvings and the atmosphere of secrecy, which was reflected by these traditional artefacts.


Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter lives and works in Cologne, Germany.